The Winds O’ Change (WOC) trust is a not-for-profit organisation registered under the Indian Charitable Trust Act, 1882. Our aim to empower differently-abled children led us to create this space. We have steadfastly worked with over 500 children with developmental delays in the past six years to bring about a positive change in them. Using conventional and alternative therapies, we help them cope with everyday challenges.

We are proud to have achieved tremendous success at our Therapy Centre at Indiranagar. This progress has encouraged us to support more children, paving the way for the establishment of an equally proficient branch at Banaswadi.

Our commitment towards providing our children with a continuous and holistic education is only growing. Today, we have moved to the next phase of our vision by opening up a Functional Skills Centre and our very own Pre-vocational Training Centre at Banaswadi.

At Winds O’ Change, we follow a holistic approach using conventional and alternative therapies to help children realise their highest potential. We collaborate closely with parents to ensure optimal growth of our children.

Upholding the values of Winds O’ Change, we practice a multidisciplinary process based on an all-inclusive system of growth, support, and empowerment. We strive to ensure that our children are able to accept themselves as well as find acceptance from community at large. Our endeavour is to create an understanding and inspiring environment to facilitate positive change.

Led by Manjit Kochar, WOC’s team of professionals are united in their purpose of providing the best of services. Our team consists of Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Special Educators, Child and Parent Counsellors, and Art-based Therapists. Each member of the WOC team uses their innate skills and experience to help children overcome challenges, inspiring them to reach their highest potential.

Our qualified team helps teachers integrate a child’s specific goals into everyday classroom activities. Each child is assessed and an Individual Education Programme (IEP) is developed. Parents are also encouraged to assist with integrating their child’s goals into everyday life.

Manjit Kochar
Kushy Kuttappa
Stephy Abraham
Varsha Jevoor
Deborah Deanne Athaide
Raju Arlagada

The WOC Therapy Centre is a space for learning, healing, and growth. It was established to provide a holistic set of therapies assist children in leading independent, productive, and fulfilling lives. Our team works closely with parents to collaborate and ensure long-term change. Our mission is to provide in-depth assessment, therapy, and education to differently abled children so as to help them lead fulfilling lives as contributing members of society.

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We have a host of new sessions, conducted individually or in small groups.

Music and movement – Conducted by Rhythm n Rhyme

Yoga sessions for children with special needs and Neuro-typical children

Reiki workshops for adults and children – Conducted on a regular basis

Conventional Therapies
Special Education

Language and Communication

Occupational Therapy



  • Special Education

    Special education employs unique instructional methodology (remedial instruction) and materials as well as learning-teaching aids to meet the educational needs of children. Custom instructions, problem-solving assignments, and group work feature prominently as our teaching methods.
  • Speech, Language, and Communication Therapy

    Skilled therapists assess and treat speech, language, and communication delays to help children communicate better. Our therapists also provide solutions for children who face difficulty while eating and swallowing. Each child’s needs are assessed before developing customised therapy programmes.
  • Occupational Therapy

    Occupational therapy makes children independent by identifying and eliminating environmental barriers. Children are encouraged to effectively perform day-to-day routines through therapeutic enactments of everyday situations and activities.
  • Physiotherapy

    Physiotherapy uses physical exercises to aid mobility and flexibility. It enables optimal physical functionality through assessment, maintenance, and restoration activities.
  • Counselling

    Counselling is essential for children to examine their thoughts, feelings, actions, and relationships. Our skilled counsellors examine their thoughts, get in touch with their feelings, modify their actions, and help them relate to others in a more appropriate manner.
Alternative Therapies
Art therapy is an effective means of allowing children to visually represent their innermost thoughts and feelings in a non-invasive and supportive manner. We conduct both individual and group sessions.
Drama therapy is an active approach to achieve emotional and physical integration along with catharsis. Conducted in a non-threatening, non-judgmental, and fun environment, drama helps build self-esteem and develop a child’s strengths. We use methods such as puppetry, role-play, and pantomime to allow children to express themselves without inhibitions.
Dance and movement sessions can be either structured or free-flowing. This therapy aids the development of physical functionality, leading to the betterment of a child’s mental faculties. Balance and coordination are addressed in a fun and engaging programme that also helps release pent-up energy and get in touch with emotions.
Music therapy can be used to address a multitude of objectives. Conducted in groups as well as individually, music therapy enhances communication, attention span, motivation, and group interaction.
The Listening Program (TLP) is a portable methodology that can bring about a lasting change. Concentration, listening, communication, memory, social skills, reading, sensory integration, self-regulation, physical balance, and coordination can be effectively addressed through regular sessions with our trained TLP practitioners.
Reiki is an ancient healing technique that helps regulate and optimise energy-flow. It involves tactile interaction to transfer universal energy from a practitioner to a child and can also be performed across physical distances. Used in isolation or in combination with other techniques, Reiki is available for those who require healing sessions and individuals/groups who wish to learn healing techniques.
Yoga helps integrate the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual faculties of the individual. Parents and children are taught to use asanas, breathing practices, chanting, and relaxation techniques to help connect with their inner selves.


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Our Early Development Centre is a place for all-round development of children. We offer half day as well as full-day programmes that combine therapy with academics. We have carefully crafted our curriculum and its holistic base works hand-in-hand with the progressive approach of our Therapy Centre.

At Winds O’ Change we have always envisioned differently abled individuals as independent, productive, and contributing members of society. Keeping this in mind, we help in not only enabling our children to reach their highest potential but also help mould society to be more inclusive of them.

What we focus on

WOC focuses on providing services to fulfil therapeutic and academic needs of differently abled children. We bridge the gap between special and mainstream schools by providing our children with a unique space for continuous learning and development. We also endeavour to prepare them for a seamless transition into the mainstream environment, as and when they are ready for it.

Early Development Centre – Indiranagar

Winds O’ Change follows a unique approach to engage children with hands-on activities through the day.

Our Activities

Circle time involves dedicated group activities that promote socio-emotional development.

Circle Time

Our library houses a rich variety of books to encourage reading to foster empathy and social development. Reading also aids in improving memory and developing language and cognitive skills.


We use activities and learning games that focus on pre-math skills such as numbers, patterns, shapes, classifying, and sorting to develop math and logic skills.

Math and Logic

We encourage children to explore the world of computers while simultaneously helping them develop problem-solving, communication, and language skills.


Performing Arts is an excellent medium to foster creativity and imagination. It also assists in regaining balance, strength, and flexibility.

Performing Arts

Yoga provides effective treatment for children diagnosed with attention deficit disorders and other learning disabilities. Our style is gentle, therapeutic, and safe.


Children can explore texture, shape, and form to create artwork from memory or imagination. Our therapy focuses mainly on the process and not the end product.

Visual Art

Each of our activities are part of a holistic and therapeutic school experience, aimed at helping the children develop a diverse set of skills.

Children are placed in half-day or full-day programmes, depending on age and ability. We help create a positive self-image for the children through active interaction and involvement in a well-planned, well-organised multidisciplinary teaching environment.

Our approach involves Observation, Assessment, Goal Setting, Implementation, and Feedback. Children are assessed and their progress tracked on the following domains:

  • Logic and reasoning
  • Cognition
  • Language and communication
  • Self-help skills or Activities of Daily Life (ADL)
  • Socio-emotional behavior
  • Sensory functions and responses
  • Gross and fine motor skills

Goals and assessment

We continuously assess each child’s progress in order to identify goals and plan next stages of the learning programme. We emphasise regular attendance and punctuality to ensure consistent and progressive development.

Facilities and Infrastructure

Our teachers address a maximum of four to five children in a group session. For peer or partner learning, the ratio is two children to a teacher. We also conduct one-on-one sessions with the support of helpers.

Our schools are furnished with a range of sensory equipment, including a ball pool, trampoline, and therapy balls to suit every child’s developmental needs . Specific yoga tools are there to inculcate relaxation techniques and improve focus. A library stocked with a wide range of books – educational and referral – is accessible to students and teachers along with Montessori equipment and arts and crafts.

Our Intermediary Advancement Centre imparts wholesome education and learning with the aim to increase a child’s independence. We strive to help each child reach their full potential and embrace the outside world. Children from our Early Development Centre are automatically promoted to the Intermediary Advancement Centre. Other children may seek direct admission if they have the required cognitive capabilities and independent life skills specific for this stage.

Pre-vocational Training Centre

Our Pre-vocational Training Centre equips children with life skills to make them independent. We use a variety of methods and learning tools to facilitate development and proficiency in different vocational enterprises. The right vocational skills are chosen for children on the basis of talent, aptitude, and interest.


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